Birgits Keramik Atelier  Påsgården


Påsgården ... this is the old name of our farm, founded around 1600, one of the few neighboring farms that formed the basis for the place "Wattlång". Names like "Pås Anna", "Anna Andersson" or "Snicker Elof" (carpentry) can be found in old records.


The farm includes the old carpentry building, the multi-storey cowshed (cellar) with large threshing floor, the living-house, a small house to protect the house's own well and the obligatory "jordkällare", a frost-proof storage building half-buried in the ground.


Our farm belongs to the postal district Ilsbo, Village Vattlång. It is located in northern Sweden in Hälsingland.

Renovated and expanded by us, since August 2017,  is the old cowshed to the ceramic studio. We wanted to preserve the old character. For example, the old feed boxes are laid out with straw and now they contain beautiful ceramic goods. On the old milk pipes hanging decorative wooden goods, all the old doors are so renovated, even isolated, that only original old wood was used ... All in all, a piece of jewelry is created, in my studio, everyone feels very welcome ....



There is also a boutique in my ceramic studio, where you can buy not only my ceramic products but also various woodwork, natural tea, fruit products, etc. Of course it is also my workroom, a space full of creativity. Maybe there is once time a Christmas market in our big barn ... these are also many ideas that I put into action, step by step ...

...after looooooong work...

...thank you my Isabell ♥♥♥

...thank you my family

...thank you my world best friend

...thank you my friends

so I started is time...   OPENING